The War College – Vancouver

The War College offers three unique ways to form you holistically and introduce you to urban missions: Context, Community and Curriculum.

1) Context Vancouver’s DTES (downtown East Side) is a neighbourhood full of beauty and pain. Living here allows one to explore God’s kingdom while engaging in the battle for life. There is a war against souls and for souls in this neighbourhood, and only Jesus’ weapons of compassionate love and sacrifice will work. By living in the thick of the fight you will learn what it means to love your neighbour as yourself, for the glory of God. This new environment will expose your presuppositions about how the world works, and will introduce you to concepts of authentic community and God’s heart for the broken. 
2) Community Warriors are not fashioned in a vacuum. We all need role models and fellowship towards a common purpose. Vancouver’s 614 Corps and other incarnational mission partners such as Servants and St. Chiara’s offer a hotbed of radical Christians seeking how to love Jesus. Imagine living with a group of people whose purpose is to love Jesus and their neighbours 24/7.
3) Curriculum God doesn’t want you to check your brains at the door. Rather your whole self was purposed to receive the fullness of Christ. Seeking a spirit of wisdom and revelation The War College’s curriculum has been carefully prepared to engage body, mind and spirit. Every stream of the church is explored. We engage with matters of theology, sociology, worldview, ethics and biblical interpretation. Rather than retreat from the ideologies of the world we enter in a discourse that prepares our students to bring Christ into any secular environment or Christian context.

Jeloy Folk High School-Norway

Do you want to take some time to travel, learn a new skill or make new friends from other cultures? Maybe you could attend a Folk High School in Norway!

There are a limited number of grants available for (active) Salvationist young adults aged 18-25 to attend the Salvation Army run “Folk High School” in Jeløy. These grants would cover roughly HALF your expenses for the year!

A Folk High School is a residential school where you primarily learn by doing. Each year these schools are attended by over 7000 young people between the ages of 18-25. While most students are Norwegian, the remainder come from different countries around the world.

There are some great study options available, including water sports, music, graphic design and backpacking around Europe!

For more info, you can check out their website:

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Forge Program – Camp Arnes
Some of the toughest questions we face as young Christians are, “What is my purpose?” and, “How can God use me?”. A year in the Forge Program at Camp Arnes can go a long way to helping you answer those questions. 
As a Forge apprentice, you’ll embark on a yearlong journey with the support of your team, and the guidance of Journeymen mentors and leaders. Your Apprenticeship, and the perseverance and self-discipline learned along the way will help you answer the questions you face. More importantly, you’ll walk away with the experience, skills, and self-confidence to pursue what God has in store for your life. 
Some highlights of the Forge Program include:
     -A canoe trip
     -Outdoor Education and Hosting certificate
     -Bronze Medallion, Bronze Cross, NLS
     -Trek across Lake Winnipeg
     -Weekly group Bible study
     -First Aid certification
     -Leadership and Ministry training
     -Building projects
Check out the website for more details:
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Mile Two Discipleship School
Providence College
Go Further
Mile Two is committed to learning beyond the classroom. Ministry in a variety of urban settings will provide students with the opportunity to translate the study of scripture into a vibrant experience of obedient discipleship.
Biblical Study
Study the Bible and learn from teachers who model the life of a disciple of Jesus in their everyday life. Mile Two also incorporates the spiritual disciplines into daily life, through prayer, worship, fasting, solitude, and many other disciplines that draw us near to God.
Israel Trip
Walk the land that Jesus walked! An essential component of Mile Two is a trip to Israel. Students will gain a new perspective on the Bible as they experience the land and the culture. Scripture will come alive in a new way, providing insights into Gods Word.
Be a part of a community that cares for you and brings out the best in you. Living, learning, and growing together is what we do. Jesus has not called us to follow him alone, but rather together with others on the journey, and so we travel this road together as children of God.