Connecting to Others…
At Southlands’ youth, we like to have a lot of fun!  Every Friday night, we open our gym and have a Youth Drop-In for Grades 7-12.  Its a safe place to connect with others… meet new friends, relax and have fun.  We play “get to know you games” as well as sports, life-size games, Wii, snacks or we simply hang out.   Some nights may have a theme (e.g. Girls vs. Guys Iron Chef Night, Duct Tape Wars, etc.) and some nights we may have an outing (e.g. Laser Tag, Paintball, etc.)  Please check out our calendar to find out what’s happening every Friday!
2017 Winter Youth Retreat
March 3-5
At Russell, MB  
Two times a year, usually in the Fall and Winter, The Salvation Army’s youth from Manitoba and Saskatchewan connect with each other during our retreats.  The Fall retreat is in Saskatchewan and the Winter retreat is in Manitoba.  
Cost involved.
For more information, check out The Prairie Division’s Youth FB page