Southlands’ Youth
So he said to me, “This is the word of the Lord to Zerubbabel:
‘Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit,’
says the Lord Almighty. – Zechariah 4.6
Spirit led…student organized
southlands’ youth is a ministry of
 southlands’ youth is a ministry of Southlands’ Community Church of The Salvation Army and its mission is our mission:
“In response to God’s love,
Southlands Community Church exists to be
an instrument for transformation in our world.”
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Connecting to God…
Connecting to others…
Connecting to our world…
At Southlands’ Youth, we recognize the youth are on a journey to know and love God.  Sometimes, that journey starts while still having a lot of questions about who God is and what faith looks like.  Sometimes youth already have a relationship with God but still have questions.  Alpha is a safe place to connect, ask and explore those questions.  
Join us for all the weeks or whenever you can.  There is no cost.  Next series’ dates TBD. 
Topics include:
Life: Is There More to Life Than This?
Jesus: Who is Jesus?
Cross: Why Did Jesus Die?
Faith: How Can We have Faith?
Prayer: Why and How Do I Pray?
Word: Why and How Do I Read the Bible?
Follow: How Does God Guide Us?
Spirit: Who Is the Holy Spirit and What Does He Do?
Fill: How Can I Be Filled With the Holy Spirit?
Evil: How Can I Resist Evil?
Healing: Does God Heal Today?
Church: What About the Church and Telling Others?
Our Leadership In Training program occurs in connection to our Summer KidsQuest Day Camps.  Youth can apply to become LITs in one or more of our weeks of summer camp.  Through this program, youth are encouraged in their leadership development through hands on opportunities, learning from reflecting, teaching, special guests and shadowing. They are also encouraged to be intentional in their learning by developing their own learning goals.
Opportunities can range from leading programs to being more behind the scenes.  Applications come out in April of each year.
Its a great opportunity to make friends, learn leadership skills and helping campers have a SPECIAL summer!
Please note:  youth must have completed Grade 7 before they can apply to be a LIT.
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Connect to us/Calendar
There are many ways to connect with southlands’ youth.
Drop-in @ 85 Keslar Rd (in the Fort Richmond area).    
Call us @ 204.946.9160 (church office) or 204.430.7822 (Youth Outreach Coordinator)
Please note…we do have a FaceBook page but it is a private group. If a youth is interested in joining the group, please connect with Cathy.
We hope to connect with you soon!

1.  Does it cost money?
Answer:  Most of our youth programs are free.  If there is a cost to a specific event (e.g. going to the Corn Maze), we do collect money for that.
2.  What are the ages for the Programs?
Answer: For the most part, our events/programs are for students in Grades 7-12.  However, there may be specific programs or events that are geared towards a certain age, e.g. Growing Deeper series is for Grades 11/12.  For our Bible studies, students in Grade 9 can choose to attend either the Sr. High or Jr. High group or both! 
3.  What if I need a ride?
Answer:  If transportation to our programs, please email Cathy at and we’ll try to figure it out together.  If we go for an outing (e.g. serve at Winnipeg Harvest), rides are usually provided from the church.
4.  Who are the volunteers?
Answer:  We have a number of dedicated volunteers who support the youth whether helping lead events, driving, teaching, hosting us in their homes and baking for our snacks!  All of our volunteers must go through the following screening to work with our youth:
– Criminal Record Check
– Child Abuse Registry Check
– Application to Work with Children and Youth
– Code of conduct
– Armatus Abuse Prevention Training
– Review The Salvation Army’s Abuse Prevention Policy
For drivers, they must additionally have a clean Driver’s Abstract
The first step to volunteer though is to connect with Cathy.
5.  What does student organized mean?
Answer:  At Southlands’ Youth, we try to give youth as many opportunities that we can to help plan, organize and lead events, for those who are comfortable with it. 
6.  Do I have to be a Christian to attend youth programs?
Answer:  Not at all.  We welcome anyone who wants to attend.  We are a church but no one is forced to believe.  If anyone has questions about God or Christianity, we would love to discuss them.
For additional questions, please email Cathy at